Ways To Get Free V Bucks No Human Verification

free v bucks generator no human verification

Do we know how to get free v bucks? Well, we definitely have certain ways to get free v bucks in fortnite game where no human verification or no survey is required.

These ways we are going to tell you; are 100% practical and will surely work to get you free v bucks for fortnite game.


You will find hundreds of similar games like fortnite but none of them can match the quality of fortnite on any gaming platform whether it be on PC, PS4, Xbox and iOS. Despite the absence of this game on Android devices, it is still being admired and enjoyed on all over other platforms.

Epic Games confirmed that they are targeting this summer for the launch of fortnite game on Android devices.

Those who are looking for free v bucks using real legit ways can check out this post from no survey no human verification where they have given all possible ways in their article.

In fortnite, you can get almost everything using V-Bucks (premium game currency). So everyone is trying to find how to get free v bucks somehow in this game without investing real money for it.

Since how to get free v bucks is the most asked question about fortnite game, today we will sort out all the possible ways to get free v bucks easily in our account.


Easy Ways to Get Free V Bucks in Fortnite

Number 1. Get Free V Bucks by Just Logging in Game

Fortnite has a daily login reward system which works on all the gaming platforms where users just have to login in the game on daily basis and they get in-game items as a reward. Other than free skins and character customizing stuff, you can also get free v bucks as a reward on some particular days of the week.
So keep login in the game daily to just collect the reward if you don’t wanted to play the game that day. Who knows it’s a free v bucks day today.


Number 2. Go For The Daily Quests

Each daily quest has fifty v bucks for free as a reward after completion. You can complete as much as three quests per day in the daily quests segment. That means you can get 150 fortnite v bucks for free after completing all of them.

You are not bound with time to complete daily quests in a certain time frame. You can complete them anytime you want on that whole day.

If you find any quest very difficult to complete, just replace it with the new one by abandoning it and you will have brand new challenge to complete and win fifty v bucks instantly.

Number 3. Take Part in Events to Win as much as 800 V Bucks for Free

Events is another best way to earn valuable v bucks in fortnite game. No matter what, you will always find one or another event running in the game. You can take part in live events to get instant v bucks for free.

Events are not much different than the quest we do, those are nothing but some in-game tasks you can easily do either.

The best part of the events quests is that you can earn maximum 800+ v bucks for free from them.

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Disclaimer: Events are only available in your fortnite game. There are no other ways to take part in the events other than fortnite game and the official website epicgames.com. Don’t get scammed by third party websites in the name of events.

Number 4. Complete Homebase Storm Shield Missions

Homebase Storm Shield missions are like free v bucks generator, the more you complete the more v bucks you can generate using storm shield missions.

Each storm shield mission will get you 50 v bucks for free in the game. You can even complete your friend’s missions in order to generate some extra v bucks. However, your friends cannot get v bucks the missions you have completed for them.

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Everyone likes expanding storm shield and the best way to do it by using amplifier or by just doing defense.

Number 5. Level Up Your Collection Book

Levelling up in collection book can give you plenty of rewards in the game including v bucks. There are 350 levels available to climb in the collection book.

When you level up in fortnite collection book, you get rewarded with specific items. On some of the level ups, you can get free v bucks also.

11 Ways To Get Free V Bucks in Fortnite

Number 6. Get Season Battle Pass and Earn V Bucks

You can get season battle pass in order to get v bucks for fortnite game. Currently you can get season 4 battle pass worth $10 which can provide you 1300 free v bucks as a complimentary along with the access in premium game with other goodies.


Technically, you are going to get 300 free vbucks worth $3 totally free.

Number 7. Side Quests Use Them

Other than daily quests and game events, you will also have side quests as a backup plan to earn some more in-game items like bacons and increase your experience bar. You can even get v bucks from the side quests too.

Use these side quests and regular challenges to earn more than usual from fortnite game and have more v bucks for free.

Number 8. Buy V Bucks Packages

You may find this tip useless to you, but it is not. You can even get free v bucks by simply buying them from the game itself.

If you don’t know, fortnite always offer some great deals to its users for buying v bucks packages. In these offers, fortnite gives sum amount of v bucks free for buying sum amount of v bucks instantly. For e.g. If you buy 2500 v bucks, you will get bonus 300 v bucks for free. So here, in this case you are getting 300 v bucks worth $3 for free of cost.

Number 9. Major Story Quests – Don’t Ignore Them

Most of us don’t pay attention to the major story quests in fortnite game. But the reality is; even if they are bored to complete but they are a good source of free v bucks no human verification required in the game. You can earn as much as 100 v bucks for free by completing major story quests.

Once you completed and earned v bucks, then you can easily spend them on getting fortnite free skins of your choice.

Number 10. Buy Fortnite Save The World Game

If you don’t mind buying v bucks packages in the game, but you don’t have games premium version that is Save the World mode, then you are certainly missing some bigger opportunity to bank up more than usual v bucks that you are currently gaining through above mentioned tips.


Buying Save the World will cost you around $39.99 and if you are a regular buyer of v bucks packages, then you already have been invested double the money on these packages.

If you did invest in save the world, then you will not only get all the access to games premium quests and upgrades, but also you will have the broader opportunities to earn free v bucks double or triple than you are currently earning by using above mentioned v bucks tips.

Number 11. Always Hunt for New V Bucks Rewarding Tasks

As we all know that this game is very popular among all the gamers, it needs frequent updates and new features to be get added on regular basis. The game developers also trying to introduce new v bucks earning methods for gamers like us who need free v bucks without survey desperately.

You can simply learn new updates, news and try to find if any new quests, methods or tasks available there other than mentioned above to get v bucks in your account without investing money.

Now that you know how to get free v bucks legally in the game, let us talk about some spam that is happening around the internet regarding free v bucks generator and tools like that.

Fortnite Free V Bucks Generators Reality Exposed

We all know that there are plenty of online websites available who are offering free v bucks no survey verification or without human verification.

These all websites claim that they can generate unlimited v bucks using their online free v bucks generator.

But the reality is, these all websites are fake and they cannot create any kind of  v bucks generator cheat tools anyway.

Even if someone get caught hacking into fortnite game, will have to face some really strict legal problems with epic games.

Read epic games twitter handle to learn more about scamming on fortnite game.

Stay Away From V Bucks Generator Scam

It is better to stay away from such hack and generator spams as they can not only spam you with their advertising strategies but can also infect your gaming device for permanent damage.

It is strongly recommended to don’t use any kind of free v bucks generator or any kind of hacking tricks for getting v bucks in this game.


Final Verdict

Getting free v bucks in the fortnite game is not that hard for everyone. If you choose the right way to get easy v bucks, you can get success through our legit tips and guides for getting v bucks without money in this game.

Using fortnite cheats are very risky in compare to the real tricks and tips.

Try to avoid using online tools and third party websites/applications to get v bucks without money.

There is no other way to get v bucks without investment other than in-game provisions.

Keep your game account safe and play fare. Have a nice day.